Emerald Gardens

For Emerald Gardens, the best things come in micro(green) packages

RJ Klie Organics

Bob and JoAnn Klie are fourth generation farmers offering premium certified organic meats and heritage flours

Meadowlark Hearth

Beth & Nathan Corymb are reviving their family’s third generation organic, biodynamic homestead

As a cooperative, our farmers are also members. We now represent more than 50 family farmers across the high plains of Colorado, Kansas and Nebraska. Some are just getting started – organic-minded farmers who want to heal the land and spend more time with their families. Some are fifth generation farmers who want to bring jobs and children back to their family farms and rural communities. Just like you, they want good food for their families, a healthy future for their children and a vibrant community of good friends and neighbors.


We use the term “producer” members because for them, it’s more than farming. It’s about producing the best possible food and providing it to families and friends in the most direct way possible – by delivering it themselves. And working with our buying members and volunteers every step of the way.


Meet our producers.


Are you a family farmer or artisan producer in the High Plains region who needs to reach more like-minded customers who care about their food and families? We help farmers across Eastern Colorado, Western Kansas and Nebraska grow with tools and resources for reaching more customers here at home. And all our producers decide what they sell and at what price. Let us know you’d like to join the co-op as a producer.