Be a Neighborhood Food Champion

What is a High Plains Food Co-op (HPFC) Site Manager? A neighborhood food champion!

Do you want more control over your food sourcing? Do you want to bring good food to your family, friends and ┬áneighborhood? Food that’s raised and produced by someone you know who has a family just like you? Become a High Plains Food Co-op Pickup Site Manager. You can order directly from our farmers and producers, chat with them in person during distribution and neighborhood Greet, Eat & Meets and play an active role in protecting local family-farmers and craft producers in your community.

Role as a Site Manager

  • Meet once monthly at our Denver distribution facility with farmers, other co-op members and volunteers to distribute orders (12-2pm third Thursday of every month)
  • Remind customers that their orders will be ready for pickup at your designated time and place
  • Bring food back to your neighborhood and make sure everyone picks it up, pays for it and goes home happy
  • Be the face of the High Plains Food Cooperative in your neighborhood

Role on Social Media

  • Remind your neighborhood, friends and family about the co-op when orders are open
  • Share your favorite food pics and recipes on your Facebook page and ours

Interested? Fill in the fields below and a member of our board will contact you with more information.