Azteca Gourmet

Lorena Jakubczak
Colorado Springs, Colorado

One of Lorena Jakubczak’s favorite memories growing up was making tamales with her family. Her mother grew up in Juchitan, Oaxaca, a small town near the coast of the Pacific Ocean. When making tamales, her mother used recipes from her hometown. She prepared sauces with a variety of chiles and fruits that would top chicken, pork or even fish and seafood.

Lorena and her sisters helped their mother make the main meal every day. She can still remember the amazing aromas and textures  after all these years. They sat around a table for hours making tamales, telling stories, and listening to their mother’s instructions on how to make everything better. Each tamale is still formed by hand, with focus and heart- and only the finest ingredients – put into every bite. Now, Lorena passes on that tradition to her own children, who help make the tamales.

In addition to selling their tamales through the co-op, you can also find Azteca Gourmet at the Pikes Peak Market in Colorado Springs. See what Azteca Gourmet has for sale this month.

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