RJ Klie Organics

Robert & JoAnn Klie
St. Francis, Kansas

If you’ve attended one of our Greet, Eat & Meet’s, you’ve probably met Bob & JoAnn Klie. If you’re a member, you’ve probably tried one of their premium certified organic meats or heritage grain flours. Bob & JoAnn are fourth generation farmers of their family’s land that straddles Colorado and Kansas. While their home sits 100 feet in Kansas, many of their animals live and graze in Colorado.

Bob grew up farming with his dad on the same land that they farm today. Anyone who knows farming knows that it keeps JoAnn and Bob plenty busy, but they do make time for the car show on occasion!

Klie Organics offers an incredible selection of proteins and flours through the co-op. They also support its continued success by volunteering their time and products to help get the word out. We couldn’t do it without you Bob & JoAnn! Check out their storefront to see what’s available.

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