We are the High Plains Food Co-op

In response to COVID-19 we are partnering with Bondadosa and offering a weekly build your own Farm Box home delivery 15 miles radius from Downtown Denver ~ serving Denver and the front range since 2008 ~ 700 local food items ~ 50 rural and urban family farms
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The High Plains Food Cooperative has been delivering food to families across Denver and the front range since 2008 and we now serve a buying cooperative membership base of more than 300 families who want to be more connected to their food.

We are also honored to be part of the pioneering food efforts of local restaurants, markets, CSA’s and food cooperatives throughout the High Plains food shed, some of whom you’ll find below. If you are a volume wholesale customer in the Denver metro area looking for local and organically grown eggs, poultry, meats, grains and prepared foods from our family farmers and artisans we can help.

From the hustle and bustle of Denver, Colorado to the sweeping plains of Kansas and the San Luis River Valley, when people think food the way it was meant to be, people think High Plains Food Cooperative.