Green Orchard Farm
Contact: Joanna Schlichenmayer
Address: 16747 County Rd 40 Bethune, CO, 80805
Email Address:
Phone: 719-346-5450
About Us
Green Orchard Farm started as a little girl's dream of living on a farm. After marring a farm boy from eastern Colorado. My job relocated me to the area. After years of traveling we found a property that was in sad shape. Building it day by day. Adding animals and growing areas only as the land had been repaired. The Farm is equipped to handle 75 laying hens, brooder & hatching house, 3 trios of geese, 4 milk goats, 15 cows, 2 Greenhouses = 2160 sq. ft., 150'x150' Orchard, 4250sq. ft. of outside vegetable production, and 360 adult fish and 2000 hatchlings. Use of chemicals are prohibited.
All natural, earth, water, fertilizer and lots of care. Use of natural pest control either beneficial insects or companion plants. Use of organic methods. Not organically certified due to the high cost of certification.