Sappa Valley Poultry
Contact: Chris & Sherri Schmidt
Address: 14235 Country Road 154 Kiowa, CO, 80117
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Phone: 785-626-6093
About Us
Sappa Valley Poultry is located north of Kiowa, CO on an acreage with a beautiful view of the mountains. Our chicken meat and eggs are produced by the Chris and Sherri Schmidt family. We are fourth generation farmers and ranchers that have been marketing meat directly to customers for more than 30 years. During this period, we have developed chicken meat and eggs that produce a consistent, mouth-watering, flavorful product. Uncompromising standards of excellence in quality is practiced with our chicken production. Keeping customer satisfaction in the forefront, we continually strive to improve our products in every way we can. It is our privilege to provide you with the highest quality, most wholesome meat and eggs available.
Sappa Valley Poultry provides country fresh, home grown, hand fed, locally processed, USDA federally inspected all natural chicken meat and eggs. Our chicken is produced the same way Grandma raised chickens 50 years ago. They are never fed medicated feed and when finished brooding, both the egg laying chickens and broiler chickens spend every day outdoors soaking up sunshine and breathing fresh air. They have free run of our 80 acre property. We are sure you will be able to tell a difference as a result of raising chickens the old fashioned way.
We are registered with the Colorado Sate Department of Agriculture as well with the Kansas State Department of Agriculture having met the requirements of the Kansas Meat and Poultry Inspection Act.
We have a Class IV Colorado Egg License.
We treat our chickens the way we think God would treat them, with respect and humanely. We try to keep stress levels to a minimum to insure a more wholesome product. Most chickens produced by factory farms are fed antibiotics or given iodine and aspirin to increase profits and reduce death loss. This is not a practice that we use. Unfortunately our death loss is a little more than we like, but we feel it's worth it, knowing we are producing a more wholesome product.
We welcome any phone calls, emails or farm visits to answer any questions you may have.