Rattlesnake Road Red Angus
Contact: Keith and Chris Hoyt
Address: 3450 Rd A Brewster, KS, 67732
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Phone: 785-694-3523
About Us
We have been in the cattle business since 1985. We have been involved with several breeds through the years before settling on Red Angus. We try to run our herd in sync with nature as much as we possibly can. Our calves are born in late April and May. We feel the perfect calving date in sync with nature for our area is May 10th, so we work a little on both sides of that date.
We give only the necessary vaccines that veterinarians suggest. We worm only with apple cider vinegar. This also promotes healthy animals in others ways. We don't use any growth hormones (implants) at all. If antibiotics are necessary to save an animal's life, it it administered. However, that animal will not be offered for sale through the High Plains Food Coop.

Our cattle are ran on grass and cover crops from April until the middle of November. They are then wintered on crop residues and cover crops until late April and then back to grass.

We use absolutely no chemicals on our animals. We control flies by keeping cattle moving from paddock to paddock and with apple cider vinegar.

We try to keep our cattle as happy and healthy as we can naturally. We keep everything as natural and in sync with nature as we possibly can in this crazy world.