Aulicks TLC
Address: 3109 Ave B Scottsbluff, NE, 69361
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Phone: 308-632-5900
About Us
A family owned business committed to local food production. We are sponsors of the Scottsbluff Winter Farmers Market and provide space in our greenhouse for the twice-a month markets. Our greenhouse manager is Nebraska Master Gardener and Nebraska Nurseryman certified. TLC employees serve as a resource to many local growers and agencies for planting and growing advice. We strive to provide the community with the highest quality trees, shrubs, perennials and plants.
Our produce is grown in a heated greenhouse using a range of best practices. We use biological methods such as lacewings, ladybugs and praying mantis for insect control as well as organically approved sprays when necessary for serious infestations. Plants are given the highest quality care and each plant receives the appropriate amount of water, light and nutrients uniquely necessary for its type. Produce is hand picked at just the right time for ripeness and taste. Harvesting, storage and shipping is done following GAP

We believe biological methods are superior for insect control.