Longview Creamery
Address: 28607 CR 17 Windsor, CO, 80550
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Phone: 970-460-6343
About Us
Longview Creamery is a locally-owned farmstead creamery located near Windsor, CO. We bottle milk, produce ice cream, and make butter, cheese and cheese curds. The cow's milk comes from the adjacent dairy, Front Range Jersey Dairy.

Visitors to our retail store can purchase and enjoy our milk, chocolate milk, ice cream, and cheese. Milking, bottling, and cheese making can be watched through windows from our store.

The dairy cows are fed an all-natural diet free from hormones and antibiotics.

The cow's milk that we use to make our dairy products comes from a single-source herd of mostly Jersey cows. The herd is located on the premises.

Our cheeses do not contain anything other than milk, rennet, cultures, and salt.