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Address: 5795 Hwy 79 Bennett, CO, 80102
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Phone: 720-237-1058
About Us
I started my Hobby back in 2007. I started with a pair of African Geese. :) Over the years I have added to my waterfowl collection and also have a small flock of chickens, Peacocks and a few other birds. I have enjoyed my "hobby" so much I decided to try new things. I started selling chicken eggs about 3 years ago then started breeding my beautiful ducks and Geese. Now I have decided to let my community enjoy some of my delicious duck eggs and guinea eggs.

Ruby farm has been purchasing my eggs for years and swears they are the most delicious and gorgeous eggs ever! :) Which makes me very proud. :) 
My ducks Free Range. They are also supplemented with a 16% protein layer pellet, chicken scratch and greens. During the winter months they are given a 20% protein layer pellet and greens. The chickens are allowed to free range on 180 acres of farm land. They are also supplemented with layer pellets, scratch and greens if needed.

Eggs are collected twice a day, lightly rinsed and refrigerated within one hour of collecting.:)