B & C Meats
Contact: Colin and Colleen Simon
Address: 18500 Road 30 1/2 Stratton, CO,
Email Address:
Phone: 719-349-1143
About Us
We farm and ranch on the wide open plains of eastern Colorado. For over five years we have offered quality eggs, produce and some meat products under the name of B&C Gardens. This year, 2017, we have decided to offer both pork and beef under the name of B&C Meats while still keeping the B&C Gardens for eggs and vegetables. We are the 'C' in B&C Gardens, Colin and Colleen. We are excited to offer high quality, beef and pork products to the members of HPFC.
Our small family farm has sold home raised hogs and beef locally for over 80 years. Offering these products on the Coop is just an extension of what we do. Our animals are born and bred here in eastern Colorado. They are fed locally grown grains and pastured on our own ground. No growth implants are used in our cattle or hogs. All of our animals have room to run and enjoy the Colorado sunshine. Our meat is processed at a USDA facility in Kansas.