Lazy E Produce
Contact: Chris & Danette Palmberg
Address: 610 Front St Kanorado, KS, 67741
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Phone: 785-798-0495
About Us
For centuries, man has wondered, "Why did the Chicken cross the road?"

Here at Lazy E Produce, we've figured out the answer is not "to get to the other side," but rather because the neighbors have bugs too. Although our basic set-up is a coop & run, our birds have the continuous ability to free-range, whether we want them to or not. They escape to dust bathe beneath the lilacs, forage for June bugs along the front porch, and sneak across the road to dig for worms beneath our neighbors trees.

Aside from our Felonious Free-Ranging Fowl, 2017 marks the beginning of a Royal Palm turkey flock, currently numbering five birds being prepped for movement out of the basement in the early weeks of summer. In the fall, three of these turkeys will be selected to be the base of our Heritage turkey flock in the upcoming seasons.

As the name implies, Lazy E Produce doesn't just raise birds. Our balancing act continues this year with identifying varieties of vegetables which will both grow well in our climate and are in demand by our customers. We've currently got around 1000 square foot under cultivation, blending classic backyard garden cultivars with more unusual plants.

Lazy E was formed from the realization that vegetables could be grown on a commercial scale on small acreage. The name derives from the military service of the owner, who served two tours as a combat medic assigned to an engineer company in Iraq. On military maps, engineer units are denoted by a upper-case "E" which has been rotated 90 degrees clockwise, which in livestock branding terminology, would be a "Lazy E."
Free Range Poultry;
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