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Contact: John & Zita Rundel
Address: Box 233 416 East C Street Trenton, NE, 69044
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Phone: 785-443-0646
About Us
Our farm is located in the far southwest corner of Rawlins Co. Kansas, where our yak roam a small pasture in the summer and stick close to the corrals in winter, sometimes grazing on crop stubbles. Some shelter with tree breaks, but very much at 'home on the range'!
Our peaceful Yak herd is raised in a natural environment, where they receive no inoculations, no hormones, fed natural pasture grasses and feed raised locally (All natural feed). This winter they are feeding on cane and wheat hay bales.
Although they grow slower than beef cattle, they are long lived, producing young into their 20s. Consequently, it takes a year or so longer than beef cattle to be ready for the freezer.