Jams, Jellies & More
Address: 7557 N State Hwy 23 Hoxie, KS, 67740
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Phone: 785-675-3919
About Us
Our families have lived in the Hoxie area since the late 1800’s, mostly as farmers and ranchers. We

purchased our own small farm in the country over 25 years ago, where we have raised our children and

their 4-H animals. We have been trying to improve the quality of our farm by replanting several acres

back to grass, so we can raise goats, chicken, ducks and other livestock as pasture raised and free range

animals. To ensure their safety and well being, we have a dog for predator control, who is also the

family pet. We try our utmost to keep our animals happy, healthy, and well fed.

Carol started Jams, Jellies & More at the Hoxie Farmers’ Market. Once people started trying the variety

of jams, jellies and fruit butters she offers, they kept coming back for more. She also included a few

baked goods and some garden produce. If the jelly doesn’t bring return customers, the baked goods

certainly do.

A good fruit source is a must for Carol if Jams, Jellies & More is to provide the customers with the most

flavorful jellies. The most challenging source is locally grown, wild fruit. Many hours are spent scouting

out the wild fruit thickets in the county, and many more hours are spent picking, cleaning, and preparing

the harvested fruits. The fruits that cannot be sourced locally are still purchased as locally as possible.

The Catholic Youth Organization and the United Methodist Women both sell fruits as a fundraiser for

their organizations. Many of those fruits are purchased for use in the jams, jellies, fruit butters and pies

that Carol makes. If other fruits are required, Carol purchases them at the local grocery stores.

Carol has familiarized herself with the rules and regulations regarding safe preparation of the foods she

brings to Market by attending several food safety meetings presented by the Kansas Department of

Agriculture and K-State Research and Extension.

Jams, Jellies & More is also licensed by the Department of Agriculture to inspect and grade eggs for size

and quality. The eggs sold by Carol are hand washed, inspected prior to packaging, and sent direct to the


Jams, Jellies & More has gained a very good reputation for their large variety of jams and jellies,

delicious homemade baked goods, and one of the friendliest smiles at the Market! Customer

satisfaction is the ultimate goal.