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Phone: 720-229-2450
About Us
Enjoy the full taste and health benefits of pure cacao!

DAR CHOCOLATE is a Denver based artisan, family owned, chocolate company. Our handcrafted bars are made in small batches of single origin. We sort, roast, winnow, grind, conch, mold and wrap all chocolates in-house! Each batch has its own unique recipe made to achieve and enhance the beans’ unique flavor. Using only 2 ingredients (organically grown cacao + organic sugar) enables a complexity of flavors to emerge, offering you a pure chocolate experience.

All our beans are fairly and ethically traded, sourced directly from the farms (Costa Rica) or through a certified importer.

Our beans come from: Venezuela, Vietnam, Ecuador and Costa Rica.

Bean To Bar Chocolate - Handcrafted chocolate bars made from organically grown cacao beans.