Ugly Goat Milk Company
Address: 16420 Cavanaugh Rd. Keenesburg, CO, 80643
Email Address:
Phone: 303-870-3785
About Us
It all started in 2008 with two goats off craigslist and a cheese-making book!

We have been selling our products to restaurants, caterers, and cheese shops in the Denver area, as well as directly to individual customers, and we are excited to now be a part of the High Plains Food Co-op.

Our artisanal hand-crafted cheeses are truly farmstead. What makes them farmstead? Everything is done by us, on our farm – we feed, tend to, and milk our goats and cows; and we make our cheeses in small batches in our on_site creamery.

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Our animals are free-range, all natural, healthy and happy – which produces top-quality milk, the most important ingredient for making great cheeses.

Our dairy farm and creamery are licensed and inspected by the State of Colorado.