Lazy Rocker Ranch
Contact: Sherryl Hughes and Marc Fields
Address: 2267 S. Eastover Street Bennett, CO, 80102
Email Address:
Phone: 303-644-5251
About Us
Lazy Rocker Ranch is located east of Denver on the sandy plains of Bennett, CO. This 35 acre ranch is run by Marc Field and Sherry Hughes, both previously from the Denver Metro area. Initially, the ranch was to provide a bigger area for 4 horses and some cats. Somewhere along the line, though, it has become what we refer to as THE PATHETIC CRITTUR FOUNDATION. One pathetic crittur after another has taken up residence here, until we find that they have taken over and we are merely the careatakers.

After the 4 horses that moved here with us, we acquired a couple of guard llamas, for use in my cousin's calving operation. Those two llamas have since turned into a herd of around 30 llamas and alpacas, renamed by us as 'LLACAS"*. The word 'no' doesn't seem to come up very often when cute, helpless, and usually 4-legged animals need a home.
Recently it has been suggested that our fertilizer collection be shared with here, through the Co-op, is our offering.
We use no chemicals with our animals other than seasonal CD&T shots and worming medicines.

Also, llaca 'beans' that aren't kept moistened tend to harden and form a white crust, which takes longer to break down. That is why we have gone to grinding the beans for the 1# and 5# bags; the 10# bags of manure are more easily composted and therefore not ground (though requests for grinding are welcomed).