Eastern Plains Natural Foods
Address: P.O. Box 224 Bennett, CO, 80102
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Phone: 303-304-6112
About Us
Eastern Plains Natural Foods is comprised of two small family farms, Tedach Ranch, and Tom Bay Yak Ranch. Both farms are in Bennett CO, about 30 miles East of Denver. We are small, family operated enterprises that raise free range livestock under simple, prairie grown conditions without the use of medications, stimulants or other growth modifying chemicals. Eastern Plains Natural Foods is also part owner of a poultry processing plant.

Tedach Ranch raises heritage breed poultry, the kinds traditionally raised on family farms before the advent of agribusiness conglomerates. These standard varieties are not only rare and in need of conservation, but excel in a free range operation. The poultry have daily access to natural prairie grass from as soon as they are old enough to go outside. They forage on pasturage that has never been farmed or had chemical fertilizers applied for well over 35 years. The birds are raised humanely, provided shelter from severe weather and given secure nighttime quarters safe from predation. The birds have constant access to clean, non-fluoridated well water. Their feed is 100% vegetarian and free of animal by-products. The grain is purchased from local feed mills and is specially formulated for free range poultry. In 2008, Tedach Ranch installed a 2 KW wind turbine to provide clean renewal energy for its farming operation.

The Tom Bay Yak Ranch is a family farming operation focused on heritage breed livestock preservation utilizing traditional agriculture practices. We raise only the traditional breeds commonly in use in our forefather's day, before the advent of confinement systems housing genetically modified animals. Our animals are raised naturally and humanely on pasture, without the use of medications, growth stimulants, or any chemical additives. All our animals are naturally breeding and require no human intervention to maintain their own population. Our firm belief in the importance of genetic diversity in our food chain guides our husbandry practices ensuring strong and vigorous animals that are healthy and nutritious to consume.

All our farms' poultry processing takes place at a family run USDA Inspected facility in Atwood KS. This plant is 25% owned by Eastern Plains Natural Foods, and utilizes the air-chilled processing technique. Unlike the far more common water chilled process, our heritage birds are never immersed in a large vat of water full of salts, phosphates and other sanitizing chemicals to quickly bring down the temperature of the bird after processing and cleaning.

The air chilled method chills the birds down on racks in temperature controlled refrigeration units; a more time consuming and expensive method, but one that does not adulterate an otherwise all natural bird with “10% added water”, and countless undesired chemicals. The processing plant is USDA inspected and regulated. Our products are professionally packaged, properly labeled, and vacuum sealed for long shelf life.

The processing plant is a mobile one that can be hauled to Colorado and even to our farm. The plant is open for all to use, employs a local family, and its availability facilitates family farm success and supports the rural economy.

Additionally, Eastern Plains Natural Foods hosts a farm stand for locally raised food products at the Tom Bay Yak Ranch, and is part of the management team of the Bennett Community Market.