Sramek Family Farm
Address: 112 S 4th Atwood, KS, 67730
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Phone: 785-626-6082
About Us
Sramek Family Farm is located in Rawlins County Kansas, along and near the NE/KS/CO borders and 235 miles east of Denver on Highways 34 and 36. Original homestead 1888 Vaclav and Catherine Sramek and four sons moved to Rawlins County, Kansas, from Bohemia, Czechoslovakia, on the North Fork of Driftwood Creek were they built a sod house about ¼ mile south of the Kansas-Nebraska state line. After homesteading a farm in Leoti, KS Son Joseph and Mary Sramek returned to Rawlins County in 1916 to help build and become members of the Saint Johns Catholic Church. They bought four quarters only one mile east of the original Vaclav Sramek Homestead and 6 miles north and west of the church. In 1917, James and Mary Sramek and young son Anslem, wanting to get on their own farm, returned from Oregon and purchased the farm cornering Joseph Sramek’s to the southwest. Grandpa Edward Sramek, inherited the Joseph Sramek farm in 1940 and farmed it until his death in 1989. In 1969-70, Ivan Sramek moved with his new wife Mary Millan to the James / Anslem Sramek farm. From 1969 to 2009, Ivan and Mary raised six children and farmed both the Edward Sramek and Anslem Sramek farms. From 2009 to present, after both Ivan and Mary became ill with cancer, the 6 Sramek children formed the Sramek Family Farm, LLC and purchased the Anslem Sramek farm. Prior to the death of Mary Sramek, it was her wish to be part of the High Plains Food Co-op, to provide a place for her children and grandchildren to buy locally grown "healthy" foods, raise their own livestock and maybe in the future be an avenue for one or more of the siblings to return to the farm and raise their families. Sramek Family Farm became a Charter Member of HPFC in March of 2008. In 2009, Aaron Sramek took over as manager and in 2011 left banking to farm full-time where he raises 500 acres of wheat and milo and with his brother Joseph have 100 head of Angus cross cows. In 2013, Chris, Jolene, Aaron, Joseph and Jennifer started raising free range meat and layer chickens for the HPFC,as a 4-H project for the grandchildren and bring the farms back to life, and begin diversifying to sustainable and organic practices for an opportunity for another siblings and grand children to return or become new family farmers. After Ivan and Grandma Lucille's death in early 2013, the Ed and Anslem Sramek farms became the Sramek Family Farms. In 2014-15, Sramek Family Farms partnered with 3 other HPFC farms to build a mobile USDA poultry processing facility, thus allowing HPFC farms and customers better access and lower costs to local farm raised chicken. The MPU was granted permanent USDA designation and will begin full operation in 2016.