Contact: Donna Kitchens
Address: 6370 Jay St Arvada, CO, 80003
Email Address:
Phone: 303-250-1353
About Us
I garden in my backyard in Arvada. I love to grow all kinds of things and just can't eat all that I grow. Mostly, I garden so I can have fresh, homegrown tomatoes for BLTs. Since I'm putting in a garden, I might as well grow peas and beans and broccoli and of course zucchini.
I grow produce as sustainably as possible. I amend my soil with compost and, occasionally, composted manure from Ambrosia Farms. I generally manage insects with mild soapy water. Hand-picking works too.
Produce is hand-picked, minimally washed and packaged the morning of delivery so it is as fresh as possible. Please wash all produce when you get it home.